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They have all the necessary tools to run a successful crypto exchange business. This includes a secure trading platform, an admin backend, and a reliable support system. In addition, turnkey crypto exchange solution providers strive to make it easy to start with your own cryptocurrency exchange.

Everything from wallets to transaction data is shielded from prying eyes and intentions by a multi-layered security and encryption system. Launch your own crypto exchange or crypto brokerage in the shortest possible time. Skip the complex process of developing, testing and investing huge amount of time and money. Building a crypto exchange software from scratch is a tedious process, let alone the time and money you’ll have to invest during development and testing. Launch a whitelabeled crypto exchange with Sanfrix in less than a month.

On top of that, your clients can do business with emerging coins and rapidly developing tokenized assets, that propel your exchange to another level. Powerful turnkey audited cryptocurrency exchange software for trading and exchanging crypto, fiat or tokenized digital assets. Launch your own Bitcoin and Ethereum Exchange Business in 2 weeks with our customizable turnkey software. Despite the fact that we present a cryptocurrency broker white label solution, you as a client will also have access to an exchange matching engine.

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Even direct access to the server does not give any access to client data. Wherever it is technically possible, a login-password to a specific IP-address can be incorporated. In this way, for example, B2Trader Exchange can get access to the payment system only from a pre-specified IP-address. A good name is one of the aspects required to start your business. Security is of major importance and also needs the right expertise to maintain.

  • With this ready-made script for crypto exchange, you can easily launch any of the following platforms or even combine them all on one website.
  • Financial matters relating to all parts of your company are of utmost importance and will raise a number of questions as to how they will be handled.
  • As part of this solution, we can take on as many operations management functions as possible to free up your time and resources to run your business.
  • This booming industry has ample room for growth in the coming years.
  • It works 24/7 with extremely small maintenance intervals around the clock of the crypto markets without any breaks, including weekends.

This means that within the framework of your brokerage business you will be able to establish an electronic communication network , where the limit orders of your customers can be matched with each other. Shift Markets provides cryptocurrency exchange solutions, brokerage trading technology, and aggregated liquidity to a global clientele. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in New York City, Shift Markets also has locations in Europe and Asia. We are not “just” a software vendor, we are the software vendor that has more than 15 years of tireless work and six-figure investments in R&D behind our products and solutions. Our background ensures that we can quickly assess your requirements and provide you with a white label solution in the required configuration and in the shortest possible time. Our distinctive feature is also the availability of professional teams that can outsource important functions, such as the supervision of financial, trading, and compliance operations.

Can Anyone Create Their Own Crypto Exchange?

Clients include family offices, investment firms, advisors as well as corporates. Turnkey provides optionality for clients to hire less full-time employees, or to maximise their internal resources by bringing on flexible Turnkey consultants to augment skills required for projects or generally. Furthermore, you can boost your fundraising opportunities by creating your own tokens. Our blockchain experts can create cryptocurrency tokens and prepare it for the ICO launch in a couple of weeks. Our solution comes ready to install with all the security integrations you may require from Server Protection to 2FA and DDOS.

What is a turnkey exchange

Programmed algorithms regularly transfer client funds into cold storages thus providing the necessary level of safety. The intuitive software of exchange provides convenient cryptocurrency and fiat management, flexible operational processes, and a consistent interface. All these make trading and business administration flow like a charm. Our team of technical specialists responds promptly to any client requests related both to onboarding and development of additional features. Depending on your business needs, with our white label exchange software, you can be up and running in just two weeks. Yes, we provide technical support after we have placed your exchange live.

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To maximise marketing results, we recommend the use of both platforms. It works 24/7 with extremely small maintenance intervals around the clock of the crypto markets without any breaks, including weekends. Connection via Socket API, REST API & FIX API simplifies the integration process for peace of mind. OpenDAX™ Enterprise provides complete ownership of the software under a commercial license and is self-hosted and managed by the organization. Openware provides collaboration, maintenance, and self-service workflows on top of the open-source code provisioning for the OpenDAX™ product. Get deeper visibility, near-instant search, and full contextual log information.

What is a turnkey exchange

Make your impression on the crypto exchange world with a solution, guaranteed to outperform and outpace even the… The world’s first turnkey audited cryptocurrency exchange software for trading and exchanging crypto and fiat currencies or tokenized digital assets. Launch your own Bitcoin and Ethereum Exchange Business in 2 weeks using our customizable software. Bittrex Global is a secure, reliable and advanced digital asset trading platform developed for international customers and built on Bittrex’s cutting-edge technology.

Launched multiple fully fledged trading systems, which saw over 100,000 registrations in the first month of operations. Upgraded the datacenter infrastructure and optimized a wide range of microservices across all modules of the software. Integrated and onboarded instant exchanges, prop desks, stat/ml-arb trading firms, market makers, and hedge funds. Deployed a number of exchange and broker instances across the globe and increased substantially the depth of the liquidity pool. Our total orders processed have now reached a total value of over $2 trillion.