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This makes it unsuitable for beginner to intermediate and even risk-averse currency traders. Although EUR/GBP is the exchange rate between two of the largest world economies – the Eurozone and the UK – it’s still only a minor pair because it doesn’t include the US dollar. USD/SGD is the exchange rate between the US dollar and the Singaporean dollar, also called the ‘Sing’. It tells traders how many Sings are needed do buy a single US dollar. Market volatility, volume, and system availability may delay trade executions. Price can change quickly in fast market conditions, resulting in an execution price different from the price available at the time order is submitted.

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The Pros and Cons of Using a Robot to Trade the Forex Market.

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Next, compare the account offerings, trading platforms, tools, and investment research provided by each broker. Alongside nearly 10,000 CFDs, CMC Markets offers the most tradeable currency pairs, with 158 pairs that can be quoted both ways (i.e. EUR/USD or USD/EUR), which comes to a total of 316 pairs. You might be looking for the most cost-effective forex brokers. Or maybe you are a beginner forex trader who is just getting started. This important currency pair, which consists of the US dollar and the Swiss franc, is typically regarded as a secure investment during times of political and economic unrest.

USD/CHF – (US Dollar/Swiss Franc)

I’m new working on my demo a/c and I didnt know which currency to trade. Very useful information that will permit me increase the trading knowledge I need. The concept of doubling the risk is something I was not aware of. People have said alot about this great article of yours, but i will also thank you, if i have thousand tongue i use all of it to say Big thank you. The USDCHF is negatively correlated to the EURUSD, so if the EURUSD is moving higher the USDCHF is most likely moving lower. Now, there are some things we need to discuss about the “majors” before we move on to discuss the “crosses”.

Before we go into this in more detail, it is worth noting the generic features of forex trading. If you’re interested in trading foreign exchange, you’ll need to understand the forex market, the global economy, the world’s currencies and their relationships to one another. The EURUSD is the most traded currency pair due to its widened appeal with the EUR and USD. Your first Forex trade should come after careful education, watching market data, and choosing a reputable broker.

They buy it when it starts to rise and sell it when it starts to fall, so they gain a difference. But the volatility notwithstanding, it still makes it to our list of best pairs to trade in forex – for high-risk traders. With volatility and high-risk tolerance comes the ability to make significant gains in either market direction. Also known as ‘Aussie,’ the AUD/USD joins our list of best currency pairs with tight spreads.

How to trade currency forex?

With multiple altcoins breaking out this week thanks to Bitcoin and Ethereum’s lead, it seems like profits might be on the way. GBP/USD is short for the British pound and U.S. dollar currency pair, or cross, showing how many U.S. dollars are needed to buy one British pound . Investopedia requires writers to use primary sources to support their work.

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Prior to making any decisions, carefully assess your financial situation and determine whether you can afford the potential risk of losing your money. With this comprehensive list of 28 major forex pairs, you’ll know exactly which pairs to watch, trade and invest in. Forex pairs are just pairs of two currencies that are exchanged, one for the other, in a Forex trade.

Which is the safest currency pair?

Also, since these pairs are quite stable, scalpers can take advantage of them in order to achieve consecutive, albeit conservative, profits. The last pair on our list of the most popular pairs to trade is the Australian Dollar and the USD. This currency pair is commonly referred to as the “aussie.” The pair negatively correlates to the USD/CAD, USD/CHF, and the USD/JPY. As the world’s most dominant reserve currency and as the currency of the world’s largest economy, the United States Dollar is the most widely traded currency in the world. The European Union Euro is second in dominance and therefore makes this pair the most formidable in terms of liquidity and taking up the largest chunk of the market’s action.

First of all, you’ll need a Forex broker to help you put in your trades. Whether you plan on making daily Forex trades or trading every once in a while, you need a qualified broker to help you place trades in the Forex markets. Make sure you check the broker’s fees, if they allow Forex trading in your country, and what type of membership or account minimum is required to open a brokerage account. Strategies that involve profiting from small price movements, such as scalping and automated trading programmes, also may outperform in the Asian markets. As there is less activity, there is less chance of missing a trade on a small fluctuation. This material does not contain and should not be construed as containing investment advice, investment recommendations, an offer of or solicitation for any transactions in financial instruments.

What makes the best forex pair to trade?

It makes a lot of sense for a trader to restrict himself to a few pairs that are not only liquid but also have some degree of predictable market pice action that will allow for simple analysis. Now I’m at least looking only at 10 currency pairs with well organized chart area. It means you need to be careful when making your trading decisions so as to not double up your risk or trade against a position you currently have open.

  • The most important factors are economic data releases, geopolitical events, and central bank announcements.
  • If you’re a fan of mobile platforms – or trading forex on the go – see our picks for best forex trading apps here.
  • Traders must pay attention to seasonal trends when trading the EUR/USD.

With a wide of forex brokers comes a wide variety of features and specialties. To help you find the best forex broker for what you’re looking for, we’ve listed our top picks for some of the most sought-after features in the forex industry. If you’re a fan of mobile platforms – or trading forex on the go – see our picks for best forex trading apps here. What can be considered the largest forex broker may vary depending on the time period used to measure size. Important factors to consider when gauging the size of a forex broker are the assets under management, number of clients, and market capitalization . The specific amount of money you’ll need for trading forex will depend on multiple factors, such as your personal financial situation, your trading goals, and your tolerance for risk.

For example, if the EUR/USD pair ended the US session close to thetechnical resistance, it could move lower in the Asian markets overnight. However, trades should always conduct their own due diligence to identify such signals. For those looking for more volatility, the best currency pairs to trade at night may be Asian and Oceanian cross rates that do not include USD, such as the AUD/NZD, AUD/JPY or NZD/JPY. As their regular business hours are during the UK night session, these currency pairs fluctuate based on economic news and other developments coming from Asia and Oceania regions.

A currency pair consists of two currency abbreviations, followed by the value of the «base» currency which is expressed in the «quote» currency . Yes, you guessed right – the Foreign Exchange Market , where all trade is between currency pairs of two different countries. It is essential to be aware of the technical and fundamental predictability of currency pairs – and watch their evolution as well. Forex trading is never a one-way street, and knowing when to drop a currency pair that has lost its predictability is critical. Moreover, the Aussie is the best «risk currency,» enjoying a strong correlation with stock markets. It has recently been less correlated to Chinese data – and that is good news, as figures from the world’s second-largest economy tend to cause confusion.

foreign exchange market

PayPal has grown in popularity as a way to fund forex trading accounts, due to its extensive international presence and wide range of supported currencies. Head over to our guide to the best PayPal forex brokers to learn more about using PayPal to fund your account, and to see our list of the best forex brokers that accept PayPal. A good currency pair has liquidity and volume, which means a good money flow in the market for the currency pairs you are trading. Money flow equals price movement and, as you are trying to make money from the price fluctuations, this helps you enter and exit a Forex trade with a profit. Last on our list of best pairs to trade in forex is a leading minor exchange – the EUR/JPY currency cross. Like EUR/GBP and EUR/JPY, the pair that pits Euros against the Japanese Yen is relatively popular and has been listed with some of the most popular FX brokerages.

Those trading the currency pair follow European Central Bank releases, European employment rates, and import/export data. Switzerland’s GDP data, inflation rates, and employment rates can affect the Swiss currency thus should be closely monitored by traders. Unlike the currency pairs mentioned above, GBP/JPY doesn’t include the US dollar. It is highly influenced by events taking place in Japan and the UK. The pair can develop strong trends allowing traders to gain many pips on a single position.

Most Popular Currency Pairs to Trade for Beginners

Enjoy a suite of powerful, industry-leading platforms and get the popular charting program TradingView for free. For instance, if the pound is rising against the dollar, you might buy GBP/USD. When you buy this pair, you’re buying pound sterling by selling the US dollar . Then, if the pound continues to outpace the dollar, you can sell the pair to exchange your GBP back for USD and keep the difference as profit.


The MetaTrader trading platforms are widely regarding as some of the best Forex trading platforms. These platforms are the most used in the world and come equipped with a whole range of useful technical indicators to help with chart analysis. All traders need to keep track of the different levels of activity throughout the trading sessions. Next, I’m going to briefly discuss these periods and the times that traders generally consider the best and worst times to trade.

As Forex trading is risky, you should try it first on a Demo account with virtual currency so you can practice before risking your own capital. It is during these hours that traders seem to find the best opportunities. The TOTH – the first and the last five minutes of each hour – can also experience volatility and sharp market movements.

So, volatility might be a benefit to the Forex trader, but proceed with caution. When looking for Forex pairs to trade, it’s important to check out those countries’ geopolitical, economic, financial, and political happenings. You’ll essentially be investing in a country when you buy a foreign currency, and you want to make sure you choose the best currency combinations you can. Another aspect of trading at night is that some currency pairs can have a smaller margin requirement than the pairs that are most active during the European and North American sessions.


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We also examine their liquidity, prices, and average spreads on major forex brokerages. We also check their price correction with other currency crosses and assets in the financial markets. Through this guide, we hope to help you make informed trading decisions by introducing you to what we consider the best currency pairs to trade in forex in 2023. And to achieve this, we analyze and help you understand the most popular forex pairs. We will tell you about the most volatile currency crosses and how they correlate with other currency pairs and financial assets. To identify the best forex trading pairs for this week, traders need to look at the economic calendar for the week ahead.

This is why many traders prefer to trade major currency pairs (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, AUD/USD, GBP/JPY, and USD/CAD). This group of currencies is highly liquid and, as a result, unlikely to experience significant unexpected price moves. Some minor currency pairs can become a good alternative (NZD/USD, EUR/CHF). Among the exotic currency pairs, USD/CNY offers some degree of price stability due to the strong positions of the Chinese economy. There goes everything you need to know about the best currency pairs to trade in forex in 2023.

This way, you won’t have to constantly look at your watch or measure the Forex best pairs to trade session duration to determine the most active trading time for the selected pair. It is often argued that the top traded pairs are also the most predictable ones. However, this fact is not supported and is based mainly on guesses. These are the pairs we think best to trade, and we wrote why on each pair, you have to check if it’s fit for you as a trader. It is easier to read these five Forex currencies because they’re either ranging or trending. When a trend begins, the price action tends to move for a significant period.

The USD/CHF (US Dollar/Swiss Franc), nicknamed ‘Swissy’, derives its popularity from the Swiss Franc’s safe-haven status. When risk/volatility enters the market, traders bid up the Swiss Franc because the Swiss economy is seen to have lower risk. The popularity of the EUR/USD ensures that it trades at tight spreads.